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onarch has established itself as one of the leading architecture and design firms in bangalore.


founded in 1980, onarch is a second generation firm that specialises in architecture, planning and interior design. today, we provide functional and creative plans with a larger, community vision. our growth in the last three and a half decades matches the story of bangalore — that of steady growth nurtured by early investments in infrastructure. the once garden city and pensioners’ paradise has very quickly, over the course of the last two decades, become a global city, playing host to national and international businesses and institutions. with bangalore becoming a place of unlimited opportunity, migration was a natural consequence. and with it came the demand for real estate — both residential and commercial.

in this dynamic business environment, onarch has established itself as a collaborative, forward thinking and nimble leader in architectural design and planning. our journey is one of successful projects that are based on innovation. in the three and a half decades since inception, we have built a formidable and growing base in design-based processes.


from the onset, our team works to generate a new and different kind of experience for our clients. we start with a process that helps us unravel your vision for the project and take it beyond just a ‘building’ or a predetermined site. by asking the right questions, we create a plan, goals and guiding principles of the project for the whole team, and we make them our own. during the initial phases, our project team does their due diligence to discover the unique opportunities that the project offers and how best to sustain and highlight those characteristics. the end product that our team, jointly with you, strives to create is a place of pride.


our diverse portfolio, which features over 65 projects, comprises corporate, hospitality, residential, academic, civic, and mixed–use projects — a reflection of our continuing commitment to the highest quality architecture.


looking ahead, onarch has plans to grow, in size and responsiveness, within india and internationally. with our focus on innovative design, new ideas and new technologies, we hope to play a leading role in shaping the future of urban landscapes. we will continue to ask the questions that help our clients make smart, long–term decisions that result in greater value for them and for the world we live in.

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